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On CT?

Follow up to my prior post,  On Being in Connecticut for Thirty Years... I came here in the early 90s from Texas, chasing a job and ended up staying because of a woman (25 years married last month). For that entire 30 years period I've been saying that I'm ready to either go back to Texas or to my family's origins in Louisiana (we've even purchased land in Opelousas). Or just move somewhere else! Thea, who is from CT, has been resistant mostly because this is where she grew up and her brothers and nieces live here (well, the nieces are in MA now, but you get it). So now we're approaching retirement age and the talk is getting more serious. I'm not feeling any reduction of from Thea resistance to moving away. But now I watch the news about various natural disasters around the country and remind myself that we don't have major huricanes. Or tornadoes. Or floods. Or forest fires. Or drought. Or searing heat. Or winters with enduring bitter cold or deep lake eff