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On "Microsquirting" the Porsche 914 - Part 11, Addendums and Updates

On "Microsquirting" the Porsche 914 - Part 11, Addendums and Updates Start Here for Part 1!!! ...or... Back to Part 10 Lessons learned and subsequent changes made. Figured I'd create a separate blog for "what I'm learning" and minor stuff. These are updated in reverse  chromological order (latest ones first) so if you come back on occasion the newest ones will be on top. 10/04/23 Update Oh, this ain't fun. I never got to the TB project this year... Short version: the car has been running like crap all year. Took it out in May and it was fine, June it wasn't running right and I was busy so I parked it. July it wasn't running well at all and the CHT was going vertical; September it wasn't running, period. I tried timing (spot on), an ignition coil (nothing),  tested the CPS (no signal) so I then put it on the lift to visually inspect the CPS (you'll recall it's behind the fan housing). It was clear that the CPS was way too far from