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On "Microsquirting" the Porsche 914 - Part 10, The Design Details

Part 10: The Design Details Back to Part 9 So your first question will be, "can I do this?" Yes, you can. I did it and I'm not a professional mechanic, though I do have an engineering background and fairly solid mechanical and electrical skills from working on my own cars since high school. Your second question is, "how hard is it?" Well, that depends on that skill level. The majority of the components are bolt-on, such as the sensors - I tried as hard as I could to make it easy - but you'll need three basic abilities: Ability to remove and install the engine. The biggest issue here is access, with the hardest being getting to the back side of the fan housing to install the crank position sensor. I guess theoretically you could remove the front air cooling sheet metal and get to the front of the engine and remove it all while working from the underside. But having the engine sitting on your toolbox or on an engine stand makes the processes soooo

This situation will end in one of three ways...

This situation will end in one of three ways: - Polical easing of the restrictions; - Civil disobediance; - Civil unrest. We are already starting to see the second one happening, currently in limited ways. However, absent the first option, its increase will result in increasing authoritarian response*. Which will invariably result in the third option. We only have a very limited window of opportunity to emerge out of this gracefully; that window is quickly closing. 5/29/20 update: Just as governors were finally relenting and beginning to "allow" society to emerge, the death of George Floyd happened. By then, the societal rage was too pent-up. The third wave has begun and the civil discourse and further societal splitting has begun. 11/10/2020: the election of Joe Biden has seemed to put a damper on continuing street violence, just as further COVID infections being to rise... *12/20/2020: as the next COVID wave washes over society, the governors are becoming even more a