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I did it. I had LASER eye surgery done. I didn't tell a lot of folks beforehand, mostly because I didn't want to handle the telephone and email traffic. Besides, I know some of you would have worried about it, and I was doing enough worry and concern for all of us. Forgive me if you are offended. However, the surgery went extremely well. I can now see better than if I were wearing the glasses I've worn for the last 30-some-odd years. I've been watching the technology for the last 3-4 years. I always get annual eye exams, and each year I would query my doctor about various corrective surgeries. You see, my eyesight was absolutely horrid; I could not function without corrective lenses, even just around the home. My eyesight was -6.5 and -5.75 diopters, which is classified as "severe myopia" or nearsightedness, on top of which I had astigmatism, odd-shaped eyeballs. The glasses I wore in grade and high school were like Coke bottles. I started wear