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How To Shut Down Your Local Society Without Being a Governor

Contact Tracing and Exposure Notifications on your phone. Hoo-boy. I'm far less concerned about the privacy aspects as I am about the potential abuse. For example, what stops someone from intentionally answering the app's questions with COVID-positive information and pretending to have the disease? Then they just saunter among large populations, now broadcasting those symptoms via Bluetooth? Say they go to Home Depot, or Walmart, or Shop-Rite, or walk into your local restaurant, or wherever. And now everybody's else's phone will get notitications that they've been exposed to someone who is positive for the disease and notified they need to stay home for 14 days. And then everybody that was exposed to them would get the same notificiation. The result would be a logarythmic increase in the number of people being notified to stay home for 14 days, along with employees of all these facitilities, and (assuming people followed the instructions) society would again be