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The World's Collective Experiences...

When I was a young lad in grade school - the 1970s, back when we were walking to unheated schools with no windows uphill both ways while barefoot - and I was losing important kin, I wondered if we'd ever, someday, be able to connect to people before they died and somehow plug in and download their life's history and experiences and catalog it. It might be mundane, it might be extraordinary, but collectively it would be an absolutely incredible story...right? And we're doing just that. With the advent of the Internet and everybody pouring out their hearts on the social media sleeves, can't someone in 50 years be able to learn who their grandmother really was? What type of person your grandfather was not only as an adult, but as a schoolboy? Will you have any doubt as to what your great-grandfather did for a living? It's a blessing. It's a curse. But now we'll know.