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On Van Halen...

A short time ago, conversation among friends turned to Van Halen (no idea why). We were discussing the band, their history, and the eighties. One friend turned to me and said "they (the band) are so over-rated..." "Over rated?", I replied. "Are you kidding me?!?" 1978 was a bad year for rock. The pop charts were filled with disco , and while Led Zep had just released "In Through the Out Door", Ozzy was getting into a tizzy with Black Sabbath. Rock/metal music was still a late-60's/early-70's-attitude, a ponderous mix of old blues and heavy guitar riffs. It seemed - to me, at least - as if metal and rock was quickly on its way to the "classic" radio stations. Out of this mess exploded the band Van Halen. When they hit the charts they were a sharp lightning bolt in a sky of disappointing music, a distinct turning point from 70's metal to 80's rock. Eddie Van Halen's refreshing guitar sound was nothing like we&#