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Ten years. Seems like forever. There are literally billions of stories out there about "where were you?"; we each have one. And these stories are important to us, but rarely interesting to others, yet we all feel compelled to share them with others. Here's mine. I recently watched a NatGeo story about George W. Bush's story and found it compelling; I simply can't imagine having been in his position of responsibility on that day. But he said something that struck me interesting: paraphrased, he said that "some day 9/11 will be a date on the calendar like Pearl Harbor, but for us today that lived though it there's our memories of that day". Here's mine. On Monday September 10, 2001 I was in Albany NY on business as an IT consultant, having flown myself there in my Grumman Tiger. I was supposed to be working with a state government agency in downtown Albany all week, but there was a problem with the contract when I arrived on Monday morning; e