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Karma is a Vengeful Bitch...

So, I'm installing an APR "bipipe" in my Audi S4...(if you don't know, not important; it's an intake part). Sun goes down 7-ish these days, and the garage is packed with Honda Gyro-explosion parts (I'm disassembling one for parts), so I'm time-limited. Hurrying along, removing the headlights, when I accidentally drop the Torx socket somewhere  in the engine compartment. You know, one of those "blump, tap, THUMP, tinckle..." then nothing sounds. Particularly missing is teh subsequent light thud  of it hitting the ground. You look down inside, try to interpret sounds-versus-material observed, attempt to predict where it fell down-through. Grab the flashlight, look around. Nothing. Look on the ground under the car...nothing (not too much optimism there, as you didn't hear the muted thud of metal-on-asphalt...) Grab the magnet-on-a-rod, move around it in there listening for the revealing 'tink' of metal-on-metal...nothing. Remov