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On Fred Fenning

We lost Fred in August 1997 after he departed the Bowling Green AYA Convention, en route to visit family in California.He was flying VFR across the country but never arrived at his destination. After frantic calls and starting to set up a search party, we learned that a fisherman reported witnessing an airplane "with no sounds" going down in Lake Sharpe in South Dakota. Five days later Fred's body was recovered; his 1974 Traveler was never found . Fred's MIT class obituary said he was "a hardware electrical engineering consultant, whose work involved assembly guidance systems, lasers for manufacturing, and laser graphics for the entertainment industry." To us, Fred was our friend, highly intelligent and always humorous. His posts on the Grumman Gang always ended with a topic-relevant catch-phrase sig line; Harold Mignola captured some below. Miss you, Fred. Fred Fenning N7148L “Yes, officer, we were 500 ft below the cloud bases” Fred Fenning N7148L (Was th