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On the Proposed Cellphone Ban

My state representative, Richard Roy (D-Milford), seems on a bent (almost a "jihad"). According to this very Connecticut Post, it's a "three year pursue a ban on motorists driving with hand-held cell phones." On the face of this, it seems reasonable. I've certainly come across my share of drivers who's minds were more attuned to cell phone lottery than maintaining their 5000-pound lethal behemoth down the highway at 65 miles per hour (not that doing it in a Yugo is any safer). But I'm really torn on this legislation. I believe that using handheld cellphones while driving a car can distract a driver sufficiently to be dangerous, which is why I refuse to use a handheld cell phone while driving (I installed an in-car system in my regular car.) That's my personal choice. But I could have just as easily been distracted by tuning my radio, switching my audio tapes, or eating my Big Mac. So why the big attention on cellphon


I did it. I had LASER eye surgery done. I didn't tell a lot of folks beforehand, mostly because I didn't want to handle the telephone and email traffic. Besides, I know some of you would have worried about it, and I was doing enough worry and concern for all of us. Forgive me if you are offended. However, the surgery went extremely well. I can now see better than if I were wearing the glasses I've worn for the last 30-some-odd years. I've been watching the technology for the last 3-4 years. I always get annual eye exams, and each year I would query my doctor about various corrective surgeries. You see, my eyesight was absolutely horrid; I could not function without corrective lenses, even just around the home. My eyesight was -6.5 and -5.75 diopters, which is classified as "severe myopia" or nearsightedness, on top of which I had astigmatism, odd-shaped eyeballs. The glasses I wore in grade and high school were like Coke bottles. I started wear