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On Writing Rules...

You may be aware that I was a member of the Super Touring Advisory Committee for the Sports Car Club of America. The STAC's responsibility is make recommendations to the Club for regulations for that category. It requires a lot of thought, not only what you want people to do, but what you don't want them to do. I wrote the following on a racing forum some years ago, and I thought it bore repeating, with some minor updating... How to write a rule We seem to get into a lot of arguments about various rules. “This rule says this” or “this rule says that” or whatever. Typically the basis of this argument is "different strokes, different folks"; one person's read is another person’s cheat. I see the root cause for all these arguments because of one thing: poorly-written rules. Yep, sorry if it pisses off the rulesmakers, but I think I can credibly argue that most disagreements center around either people reading into the rule what wasn’t intended (maybe based on a failu