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Really Give Me Brakes?

Really Give Me Brakes? We love our cars, and we love to take them to the track. The Quattro Club has been especially good at sanctioning driving school events at race venues across the country. We sometimes hear afterwards of horror stories about brakes being destroyed during these events, tales of near-death (at least to those that had them) experiences. Further, the earlier Audi performance models such as the S4 and S6 had what many owners considered to be inadequate brakes, even for the street. In response to this there’s a significant cottage industry catering to Audi owners for brake upgrades. In fact, one of the more common subjects for articles in the Quattro Quarterly has been on that subject. As technical director of BIRA (Brake Improvement Research Association – see Quattro Quarterly Fall 2000), I am consistently asked if BIRA (or other aftermarket) brakes are "adequate for track use". The concern seems to be that tracking a street car would kil