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An Offer You Can’t Refuse (2002)

The numbers racket, protection, gambling. Looking for more ways to make money for the organization, they're now using fear and extortion to gather the income needed, making you an 'offer you can't refuse'. Am I talking about the latest episode of "The Sopranos"? Maybe one of the movies from "The Godfather" saga? How about your Uncle Herbert's 'business partner'? Nope, I'm talking about our very own State of Connecticut. If you owe Connecticut back taxes, Tax Commissioner Gene Gavin is making you an offer you can’t refuse. [1] Surely I'm not the only one that is concerned with the latest money-making scheme that "The State" has come up with for finding a way to pay for the bloated government? Radio and TV commercials aired for most of this past Fall describing CT's "tax amnesty" program, where 'they' were giving you the opportunity to 'come clean' on your taxes. While not being one to endo