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On Moving to Natural Gas...

I called our gas company a few years ago about switching from home heating oil. Here's how the conversation went. <Cheerful voice> "Hello, thank you for calling XXXXXX! How can I help you?" "Hi, I'd like to switch to natural gas from home heating oil. Can you help me?" "Yes sir, I'd be glad to! Please give me your address." "1212 Anywhere Lane, Middletown CT" "Thank you! Give me a moment here...<tap, tap, tap, tap, tap>...yes sir, I think we can help you! We'd be glad to have you as a customer!" "Ok, I see you're advertising some specials, price reductions on boilers, etc...?" "Yes sir! Let me get a total here...please stand by...Ok, we can switch you to natural gas and we'll sign you up, install the equipment, give you a state rebate for the switch, and give you a reduction for your first year's for annual delivery. How does that sound?" "Excellent! So wha