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On Being in Connecticut for Thirty Years...

So I was gettin' my hair cut with some friends the other day...* ...and small talk turned to visiting family in Louisiana over Christmas, and the long drive, and how long I've been in CT, and...suddenly I realized that I was approaching 30 years of having lived in Connecticut. Thirty. Years. That means I've lived in Connecticut more than I haven't. When I got home I researched some old Quicken files and found a charge on my Discover card (remember them?) to a Days Inn in Roanoke VA on February 7, 1992, with the category "moving expenses". I remember that trip, I was driving up in my Rabbit convertible with a few bags stuffed in the back.** That means on February 7th 1992 I left everything behind in Wichita Falls Texas and began a brandy-new Connecticut. Connecticut! To suggest that my life totally changed on that date is an incredible understatement. So why move? Well, auto racing, of course. From the mid-80s onward racing had been the tunnel-vision