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On That Time I Drove the #30 Momo Porsche 962...

Someone recently asked me, "what's the fastest race car you've ever driven?" I had to think about that one for a minute. I tend to favor slower cars ("smarter to make a slow car go fast, than vice versa") but the STL and STU cars were pretty speedy. As was some Mustangs and such. But no, I'd have to say that "the fastest race car that I have ever driven" was a Porsche 962. Of course there's a story! San Antonio. love that town. It's one of my fav bigger cities with beautiful geography (love the Texas Hill Country), southwest culture, the Riverwalk (and its associated civil engineering...ever wonder why the San Antonio River doesn't ever flood the Riverwalk ...?), architecture, music, and of course the food.  I think my first time there was during high school when our band took a tour down there and I fell in love with the place right away. IMSA kinda liked the town, too. In 1985, the City of San Antonio approved its IMSA Nissan Gran