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Things to Do at the Durham Fair...

Eat. Race your lawnmower (yes, they're "lawn tractors". I'm sure the  grounds are manicured well. and quickly.) Eat. Visit an elephant.      Eat. Ride a Ferris Wheel.   Paint your face (and catch a few ZZZZZ.....) Catch a concert. Or two. Or Three.   Eat. Check out some arts and crafts. (They had beer competition...but no beer sales. Boo.)   Visit some animals (and pretend that know which are the good ones...)   Burr, it's getting cold in here!   Chew your cuds... Hatch...   ...and grow.     Drag some things around... Learn about history...  ...and, um, whatever this guy's doing. See some pretty cool old farm equipment... ...and dream about the next vacation. Get your picture taken on a tractor. See some really cool birds of prey... ...and suddenly be glad you'r