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"Beep" Under Dash

So three weeks ago I noticed an irregular, random high-pitched "beep" from under the dash of my '11 GTI. I noticed it right after my wife came back from driving the GTI to Pittsburgh. During that trip she rolled past the 20k miles for the scheduled service reminder, which then "gonged" at me each startup. I didn't pay much attention to the beep at first, since it coincided with the service reminder; probably same issue? I can ignore the service reminder, so I can ignore the beep. I'll get the car serviced next week or whatever (hell, the service is free, right...?) The noise was not startling or anything, just a random audible "beep". Well, the following week we were going to drive the GTI to the NJMP 12 Hour, so I decided to have the service done beforehand. Thea took it in and I asked her to discuss the beep with the service manager (she heard it during the Pittsburgh trip). Car got serviced quickly, but Service Manager says h