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On Driver's Schools

A buddy asks..."So you've driven 43 (or whatever) race many have you been upside down on?" And I reply, "TWO!" "What's the other one?" The other one was...Hallett Motor Speedway. I did my two driver's schools at Texas World Speedway in 1984 (1985?) so signed got off for the Regional license. But I learned that as long as you're on a Novice Permit they can't block you from a driver's school which is the best frackin' track/butt-time value on the planet... So I entered the Hallett driver's school that next month. I don't remember the exact name of my instructor for that third school - I wish I did, 'cause I want to have a beer with him - but he knew I was signed off and he was just baby-sitting me and was all about having a good time and pushing me to go faster. At some point he convinced me -- either he really believed it, or he thought I'd get the joke -- that I could do Turn One (countercloc