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On "The Tower"

Spoiler: The "family tower" in Louisiana has partially collapsed. Post-COVID Christmas week, we hitched up the "Cajun Edition" RV to head to Louisiana to visit family. We arrived at mom's house after dark, parked the RV, and mom invited us in, handed me a beer (love that woman). She sat down with me with a serious face, and sad "honey, I've got some news: the tower fell down." I'm shocked, "what??" and stepped outside to see for myself. Of course, it's dark as hell in her area at night and with no moon I can't see a damned thing. And it probably wasn't a good idea to be wandering around outside on a farm in the dark. So I went back in and planned to get up early to check it out. I asked when this happened and no one seemed to know...or even noticed it was gone! Best she can tell, the damned thing may have come down in August when Cat 4 Hurricane Laura came rolling through...four months ago? Everybody's like "I dun