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Greg "Does" IT7...a.k.a., Why Racing is Awesome.

Day One So, some time last year, I'm hanging out with the IT7 Gang (Pack? Gaggle?) drinking some after-race beers (I even paddock with them some times...) and we get to talking. "So, why don't you come race with us, Mister TGA??" and I'm all like "blah, blah, blah, sure why not, blah, hand me a beer, burp, I could run with you guys, noooooo problem, burp..." We go on our way, split for the Winter. Some time a few weeks ago, I get a call from Mister IT7, Dan Sheppard. "So, what are you doing Memorial Day weekend?" and I'm like "Um, well, family, friends, stuff to do, house work, lawn I'm going to NJMP the following weekend for the Majors, think I'll leave the Integra parked that weekend." "Good!" he say. "I've got an extra IT7 for you to drive." "Um...wut?" "Don't you remember? 'I could drive with you guys, no problem'?" "F**k". So Dan sets me up with his