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On Road Atlanta

Every once in a while someone picks the scab that is "Why did Road Atlanta get rid of The Dip?" And more hilarity ensues. Quick summary: built in 1969 with its first race in 1970, Road Atlanta is a racetrack just northeast of its eponymous city. It's a rockin' great race track, filled with excellent elevation changes, fast sweeping corners, and is a challenge both technically and emotionally. It's truly one of this country's jewels and is one of my "most favoritest" tracks in the USA (others being similarly-challenginmg tracks such as VIR, Watkins Glen, and Road America). Its signature portion Back When was "The Dip" or "The Gravity Cavity", a deep drop downhill run into a valley/cavity that suddenly changed to a steep rise, shooting the driver into an off-camber turn to under an infield-access bridge at its peak, then immediately down the hill's backside to another sweeping turn that shot you down the front straight. It was a