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On Getting Pulled the Air

I got pulled over today, in a manner of speaking. A buddy (Yak-52) and I hooked up today for some formation and general flying around. I flew into his airport and met up with him, and we "formated" towards the northeast. We were using 123.45 for air-to-air. We were flying around east of Meriden when we spotted an R/C aircraft field. We were circling the area well above 1500 feet when we heard someone on the freq say "airplanes in formation east of Meriden, are you on this frequency?" Both my buddy and I shut up, said nothing; after all, we were doing nothing wrong. But we were thinking that someone on the R/C field was pissed (remember, we were well above 500 feet AGL). The person repeated that call a few times. My buddy was lead and began to head east and descend; we got about 500 feet over the trees and headed for the CT river to ditch them. We crested the hills surrounding the river and noted we were right at the de-commissioned CT Yankee nuke plant. We both bank