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Re: Longest Day at Nelson 2007

As related on "The Sandbox"... There were a lot of good one-liners on the radio. The funnest one was probably listening to Bowie try to beat Professor Knestis' fast lap from earlier that day, a 1:21.289 (set right as he started to complain about the car sliding...) Anyway, Bowie was recognizing that his last stint, the second-to-last of the event, was quickly evaporating, and if he was going to shed his "jackstandiness" reputation it was high time to "get on it". So, from his fairly-consistent mid-to-high 1:22s/low 23s he starts creeping downwards...22.9, 22.5, 22.0, 21.9. I'm reading off the numbers each time he crosses and give him the obligatory pokey comment ("damn, can't even beat the car owner", or "jeez, man, you pushing all the way down? Go straighter!"). Next lap he comes across and it's a one twenty one point (un-key the mike, pause, then re-key) 371! From the cockpit we (over the loudspeaker, no less) hear &