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On The Threes

Welcome to 2023! Someone posted on social media about "The Threes". You know, 1953, 1963, 1973 and so forth. I think the context was "what were you doing during...?" kinda stuff. I ignored it. But then I started thinking...what was I doing? I was kinda surprised at the casual thought. Primarily, I noticed that "The Threes" seemed to see years of significant transition. For example... January 1, 1953 I didn't exist. My mom was 11 years old and dad was 14? I'm pretty sure they had absolutely no idea what their life was going to be like 10 years from there...  January 1, 1963  I wasn't yet around yet (born March '64) but life events were shaping up for launch. Though I'd be born in Irving TX while mom and dad were there temporally for work, the 1960s ended with our family living in my parents' hometown of Opelousas LA. January 1, 1973  We had just moved from Opelousas to New Orleans (Algiers on the West Bank). I attended third and fou