Saturday, December 28, 2019

On Improving Delivery Infrastructure

You've seen the trucks strung along for miles on the open road. Long lines of 'em bringing goods to the masses. Watching them, I had some thoughts on how to improve things...

  • Reduce conflicts: give them their own lane, accessible only to trucks;
  • Improved eficiency: them to couple together a longer string of trailers, so that only one truck is pulling many trailers;
  • Improve energy generation systems: design them with a hybrid drivetrain system, like maybe the diesel engine actually drives an electrical generator, and the traction motors are instead electric;
  • Improve safety: the driver can manage the energy but instead of rubber on asphalt we could install some kind of rail system to guide the rig to avoid traffic conflicts, the truck/trailers will be steered by these rails;
  • Give the truckers a horn that they can honk at cars at intersections.

I'm shocked no one has ever thought of this before.

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