Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Karma is a Vengeful Bitch...

So, I'm installing an APR "bipipe" in my Audi S4...(if you don't know, don't worry; it's an intake part).

Sun goes down 7-ish these days, and the garage is packed with Honda Gyro-explosion parts (I'm disassembling one for parts), so I'm time-limited. Hurrying along, removing the headlights, when I accidentally drop the Torx socket somewhere in the engine. You know, one of those "blump, tap, THUMP, tinckle...then nothing sounds. You look down, try to interpret sounds-verus-material observed, attempt to predict where it fell down-through.

Grab the flashlight, look around. Nothing.

Look on the ground under the car...nothing (not too much optimism there, as you didn't hear the muted thud of metal-on-asphalt...)

Grab the magnet-on-a-rod, move around it in there listening for the revealing 'tink' of metal-on-metal...nothing.

Remove engine undercover...nothing.

GAD-DAMMIT it's getting dark. F**K it. The engine has cam covers, I have another car to drive to work, I'll deal with it later. Finish removing the remaining parts as much as I can that night. Go grab a beer.

Next day, on the way home from work, buy a new Torx socket (Jub-EEZEZ these things are expensive!) Use it to finish the whole job just as the light goes away. Grab a beer to celebrate success and feel all nice and proud of myself; drink half the beer then head out for a test-drive.

Driving through the neighborhood, hit a bump in the road and felt a sudden "THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP" of something metal in the left front tire...gawd-DAMMIT, what did I run OVER???" Pulled over on a side road, drove a few yards until I noticed the last "thump" should put whatever it is at the top of the tire...

Stop. Hand-brake on, out of gear (car still running)...carefully run hand over top of tire to feel for it...find it...pull it out and immediately hear a "SSSSSSssssss....." of air quickly escaping...F**K! Retract hand from wheel well to reveal...

....the missing Torx socket.


S**t. I deserved that....

Cars suck.

Karma is a Vengeful Bitch...